• Blackout
  • Game web-app
  • Sveltekit, Tailwind, Firebase
  • Live link

Blackout is a Whac-A-Mole game type, taking place in the context of the 2022-2023 limited energy supply in Europe.

The background set has been designed with Cinema 4D and exported as images collection. Layouts were designed using Figma.

I went with Sveltekit regarding the front-end, playing with Svelte.js for the first time. I had an overall pleasant experience working on it due to its lighter syntax.

Each player can record its score after registering, using the solid combination of Firebase Auth + Firestore as backend.

We managed to launch it with PommeClic, and offering prizes for the first three best players.

I wrote an article on my blog lansolo.dev explaining the whole development process.