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With PommeClic, we have been asked to rethink about all the marketing email UI for the famous Credit Agricole french bank.

They revamped their identity with a brand new design system, and our mission was to use it to redesign existing email templates. We used Sketch as usual.

We isolated re-usable blocks across templates and documented all the use-cases.

The developement part was also in our hands, and I used Maizzle, an open-source email framework based on Tailwind CSS.

I already wrote about all the good I think on it in a dedicated post : Quick review of Maizzle: the Tailwindcss email framework.

Every template has been toroughly tested using Email On Acid.

This well-known testing suite was a real time-saver as it quickly render out the template in nearly every possible email clients. It is just a bit pricey to our opinion (100€/monthly).

So far, we have been able to hand-off a dozen of templates.

Soon, all Credit Agricole customers should experience fresh views on their mailbox starting from 2023.