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Meet Harvey is a personal development platform intended for young lawyer that want to take the path towards independant entrepreur/freelance. I worked with Julien Saint Flour, an ex-lawyer that needed a tech partner to build his business online.

The original plan was to offer a mailing service with a membership that would deliver qualified information for this niche.

At the end, it's a learning plateform + a calendar showing qualified events available as protected contents with an authentication system. We decided to go with Memberpress as the original website was already built with Wordpress.

Meet Harvey - pricing tables

This technical solution was the obvious way to get a robust CMS from which we can easily extend features using plugins, and on which both of us had previous experience and felt comfortable to work with.

Meet Harvey is both a set of static pages showcasing the platform, and the learning plateform itself. I used Semantic UI as UI framework and Wordpressify for the development environment.

Meet Harvey - reserved member site

I've also been responsible for the whole artistic direction and made the 3D loop on the homepage using Cinema 4D.

I describe here the whole walkthrough of this project.

Now I tend to drop Wordpress in favor of the Jamstack tech, that I find more lightweight and hassle-free in term of back-end maintenance.